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What It Takes to Make It as a Work at Home Mom

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Some may say I am a workaholic, but that is just because I strive to give my all and go above and beyond when I work. The thing is if you want a good reputation, positive feedback, and a good sense of being in the right place, you have to figure out what it takes to make it.

What it Takes to Make it as a Work at Home Mom

Perseverance: Being a mom is never easy, but in order to make it in the work at home endeavors, you have to persevere through the hard times. You might have only got 2 hours of sleep; so what, you got work to do and you need to push through it. If you want to make it, you push through until you do. 

Dedication: Working from home usually means you have clients, and if that is the case, you want to be dedicated to your clientele. This doesn't mean you can only dedicate yourself to one client, but it does mean you need to build rapport with that client by getting to know them and their business as much as you can. 

Time Management: There are hundreds of people who can meet their deadlines right on time, but are you the kind of person that can get it done before it's due? Getting work done quickly and efficiently shows your clients you will always meet your deadline with wiggle room to spare. It, also, shows honesty and integrity because if you say you will get something accomplished and you don't, well that is not very honest is it?

Keeping a Positive Attitude: You are going to have days where your kids will push your buttons, your clients will push your buttons, and even your dog will push your buttons. Yes, it is hard to maintain a positive attitude when everything seems to be going wrong, but everything happens for a reason. Respond with a good attitude and take the day as it comes. 

Being a mom is tough and it's even harder being a working mom, but moms we have so much to offer as long as we keep our focus. Don't let the distractions of life stop you from pursuing a dream worth having. 

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