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My Best Work Goes to My Clients

Giving My Best to My Clients

The life of a virtual assistant can be challenging. All my greatest ideas, my best strategies, and even my most lucrative blog post title ideas go to my clients. At the end of the day; I sit here staring at my own blog having no idea where to begin.

I'm not complaining! The fact that I sit here wondering what the hell to write on my own blog means I am getting work, and I am doing my job well. However, being a virtual assistant can be one of those bitter sweet jobs, and here's why!

I Rarely Get Credit

As a person who was taught not to be boastful, I don't need the credit for myself. The problem with not getting credit for your work is that it is hard to show other clients what you can do for them without being put in this weird predicament. The conversation goes something like this:

Client: "Can you write blog posts on parenting, health and fitness, or travel?

Me: Well, yes I have experience in writing on all those topics."

Client: "Can I see some examples of your writing?"

Me: "Well.....I have these writing samples in my name, but the ones you specifically want; I have only been a ghostwriter for."

Me: Send examples.......

Client: no response..........................

People Take a lot of Work for Free

Because I realize that I can't always show my full potential in this biz, I offer a lot of work for free. I don't do this because I am bad at what I do. I do this to build rapport, build trust, and help other out. However, my work can many times go in vein even if I get paid for the work. The conversation may go something like this:

Me: "Would you like me to do a post for you and if you are happy with it we can talk about more work?"

Client: "Sure that would be great."

Me: I write article and send.

Client: "This is one of the best pieces of copy I have received in a long time. This is great. You are great. Everything is fabulous. What are your rates?"

Me: My rates are $20 for 400-500 words and $40 for 800-1000 words.

Client: no response......

Me: I also offer bulk orders 10 blog posts of 400-500 words for $180.

Client: no response.........

They Always Come Back

Like I said, this is a bitter sweet job. Although my prices may send clients on a route to find something that fits their budget better, I have found they always come back. You want to know why? Because, I really am giving them a killer deal when they see what else is being offered at a lower rate. It usually goes something like this:

2-months later.........

Client: "Hi! Sorry, I had a lot going on. Are you still able to write blog posts for me?"

Me: "Of course! What would you like me to get started on?"

Client: "Great! I need...."

I am Usually too Generous

As I build rapport and get to know my clients, I begin to give discounts. Not because my work has been sub-par, but because I truly begin to care about my client more than just as a business. I care about what they can afford, that their car broke down, they struggled this month, or their kid is sick. I care that I can be the one reliable source that they have even when everything else in life seems to be crazy. So, I usually become to generous with my work.

I Work from Home

This is where this bitter sweet job because the ultimate job! No matter what obstacles I face, how difficult it can be to get my name out there, or how draining it can be, I get to work from home. I get to see my kids smiling faces as they get home from school. I get to spend time with my family that I cherish. I get to bring in an income while sitting here in my PJs. Literally, I have been in my PJs all day!

I Love My Clients

At the end of the day, the one thing I have left in my frazzled brain to write about is how much I love my clients. You guys are my rocks! You keep me motivated. You keep food on my table. You keep me learning. And, you always keep me on my toes. So, as far as I am concerned, my best work will continue to go out to you. Just don't forget to share my name when someone needs work done :)

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