• Ashley Winters

Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love: Friends Forever

Have you ever met the perfect person, but know that they can never be the one? It's not even so much about that “in love” feeling either.

Its something more…..

It's the way you both get along so effortlessly.

It's the way you can talk for hours and still have something to talk about.

It's how you can let them go and even date or sleep with someone else because neither of you owns the other.

It's the security in knowing the relationship is what it is and you will never hear a lie.

It's the way your hand fits so perfectly into his. The way your body's move together during sex.

It's about how they show you empathy and sympathy just by being who they are.

Its knowing that you care about them so much that you will never tell them because instead of wanting what's best for yourself you want what's best for the other person.

How do I find the perfect guy in the entire world only to never have him?

He is a guy that's caring, helpful, understanding, intelligent, and has his shit together only I am not able to love him.

Thing is I'm not even “in love” with him. It's almost like I bypassed that lustful “in love” feeling.

He is my friend. One of my best friends. He is a person I can share secrets with. The person I want to text as soon as anything happens.

He is also forbidden. We made a pact you see to keep emotions out of it. And honestly my emotions are out of it. I care for him at a deeper level than anyone I've ever thought I was in love with.

But, I don't feel driven by my emotions to call, text or be the typical emotional crazy woman. You see I don't worry if he doesn't text me everyday. I don't care that he goes on dates with others or sleeps with others. I don't care that I don't see him everyday.

Why?! Because i think he sees it too. He keeps coming back for more. He texts me almost everyday just to see how I'm doing. I know he is a typical guy. but I am no typical woman and he should have ran a long time ago.

The thing is we made a pact, a promise to each other that we would only continue this FWB situation until someone got feelings.

I know we both care more about the friendship than we do the sex. Neither one of us wants to lose our friendship with each other. And if we did do a relationship one of our lives, ambitions and goals would be ripped away from us.

Because we care so much about our friendship and each other we will never tell the other we have feelings of any kind.

So, for now my forbidden love, know that I love you. I love you in a strong, independent, confident woman kind of way. I love you enough to enjoy the little we have together without making it awkward. I love our adventures, having sex with you, and playing games together.

But most of all I love our friendship and if that's all we ever get, that's more than most people have in their whole lives.


© 2013 by Ashley Winters. All rights reserved.



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