Adventures of a Military Family of 8


Inspiration for the Mom of an Autistic Child (picture included): 

When you are pregnant with a child, you may have dreamt of the things they would hopefully do someday. You have high hopes and aspirations for the successful life they would live. When you get a diagnosis, of really any medical disease or disorder, the shock may feel a crushing blow. Hearing that you have an autistic child is not easy for any parent.  There are some things, which may help you to remember, on the really tough days.


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7 Tips for Dealing with PTSD

Life in the Fast Lane


Thrifty Jinxy


5 Simple DIY Easter Baskets

Easter baskets don’t have to be difficult, and they don’t have to lack creativity. Work smarter not harder! With these 5 simple DIY Easter baskets, you can be creative while enjoying their simplicity.

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Activity Hero


5 Messy Activities for Outdoor Fun

Since as early as they could walk, your little one has probably made a mess at some point or another, such as a beautiful permanent marker portrait on the wall or a flour creation all over your living room floor. Or, how about how they clean up the room by stuffing towels down the toilet? Although irritating to parents, messy kids actually know how to have fun with their curiosity and intellect. Instead of stifling that creativity, unleash their expression with these fun, messy outdoor activities:

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Only In Your State (Viral Post)


9 Radically Fun Amusement Parks in Indiana Everyone Should Visit

Although we have some pretty amazing corn mazes and haunted farms, there is more than corn in Indiana. We have 2 of the biggest and most well-known amusement parks in the United States and several other radically cool family fun parks. These 10 radically fun amusement parks in Indiana are sure to get your whole family geared up for an exuberant time!

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